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can i go to munich?

In a world full of cheap, watered down beer, 40-oz. malt liquor bottles, and all the hoppiness one girl can handle, there exists one beer than has risen above all the rest. I bought it at World Market, a fun little import store with Pier 1-like offerings in the front and a food/libation party in the back. The mullet of import stores.

I did not get a picture of the beer but someone else on the Internet captured my experience pretty well.

I didn’t know that beer could even taste like this. It tastes like apples and onions, in the best way possible. Plentiful, tiny bubbles and the most refreshing, rewarding mouth feel I could have ever envisioned in a beer makes for disappointingly easy drinkability. You open the bottle, ready to enjoy, and within minutes the 12 oz. green glass bottle is empty. I guess German-brewed beers really are better than the rest. 2good2be4gotten. Now I’ll start taste-testing this countries lagers. I barely blinked an eye at them before this experience (all about dark beer), but I sense a change in my world.

Since I don’t know how to talk about beer, I refer you to BeerAdvocate for some educated praise.