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I could go for one of these right now.

It is the Grilled  Reuben from Herschel’s at Reading Terminal Market. Considering the fact that my senior thesis will be handed in within the next 10 hours,  I am pretty sure I deserve the utter nom of this sandwich. So much meat and so much coleslaw and so much pickle-on-the-side.

My room mate are going to have a post-/during-all-nighter breakfast of eggs, pan-seared tomatoes, sundried tomato-basil sausage, and grilled rye bread. And with that fuel I will finish my thesis and start with the biggest party Haverford has all year: Haverfest, a two- (or three- or four-, depending on your situation) day festivus. This year, my “beverages” include root beer + ROOT granita (already made and looking/tasting tasty) and Southern Comfort mint lemonade.

Edit: 9:34 a.m. There is nothing quite like the smell and taste of saturated fats in the morning. Or anytime, for that matter.

the ultimate ‘dilla

After a very Lunt basement-esque concert at Bar Pink, Justin and I went in Colima’s because we could see a unisex bathroom through the neon signs and dirty windows. The smells from the grill managed to waft our way and captivate us to order, but the complicated menu had too many options for a Saturday night crowd. So we had the cashier order for us: shrimp-carne asada quesadilla.

Warm, perfectly greasy, nice balance of meat, rice and cheese. Spicy, though, especially when I was essentially inhaling the housemade salsa and roasted jalapeño peppers. Both so delicious; both so painful. Horchata was ordered to soothe our tongues–a gigantic bucket (or so it seemed) for $1.99.

The next morning, I looked up Colima’s on the Internet. I guess my complete enjoyment of this food was warranted; Yelp ratings averaged between 4 and 5. Next time, I will definitely try the tacos. Four for $2.89!

San Diego, miss you, I shall.

24/3/365 (aka, unhelpful)

Last night, I went to see Antibalas/The Sway Machinery at the Cashbah in Little Italy. I’d seen Antibalas once before at the Roots Picnic ’09 in Philly, but the Sway Machinery was a new one. The lead singer is in Balkan Beat Box and the drummer was in NaNuchKa at some point. Go Eastern Bloc!

I had a Stone IPA that left this funny little pattern in its lacing. Heart it laces.

I also had a Stella Artois because I heard good things about it in the past but clearly those things came out of mouths that had not been around the beer block. It was watery and flavorless. For some reason, I like Sapporo much better so I got one of those to replace my judgment error.

So Antibalas announced the start of their last song at around 11:45 and as 12:00 approached, they showed no signs of stopping. Finally, at 12:15, they left stage, only to come out for a 45 minute encore. No complaints at all from me! But it was starting to get to that hour where my stomach acid takes on the role of fidgety-child-in-backseat-on-road-trip-who-won’t-quit-until-fed. I gallantly ordered my (Ford) Mustang, “To Keith’s 24 Hour Family Restaurant! Ándale!”

I pulled into the sketchy, eerily empty parking lot of Keith’s 24-hour, and I was met with something like this:

Angry, confused, disappointed and hungry as ever, I went home to a pantry and refrigerator full of ingredients. Not prepped food, but ingredients. What a night not to have leftovers! I figured out my cravings pretty quick, and whipped up an open face breakfast sandwich worth writing home about.

I toasted a piece of bread while slicing a perfectly ripe California avocado and frying an egg. As soon as the bread was done toasting, I rubbed it down with some garlic, layered on the avocado, balanced the egg atop all them monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFAs, if you will), and spread some spicy salsa on top. I served it (to myself) with some pickled jalapenos on the side, which have become one of my favorite ingredients/condiments since living in San Diego. I bought a jar for $1.29 at Vons because I figured if they were horrible, I could afford losing $1.29; then they turned out being amazing and probably the best $1.29 I ever spent on jarred food. I’ve also been wanting to pair them with my eggs ever since seeing this blog post from the Amateur Gourmet.

Also, don’t eat MorningStar’s Veggie Sausage Links. I usually dig meat emulators, but at this time of night, the combination of sausage flavor with mealy sand texture in a non-meat-based casing was horrible. I mean, I guess you can eat them. Maybe they’d be good on a nice roll or some baguette bread (ciabatta?) to disguise the texture, and doused in spicy mustard because spicy mustard is delicious. I feel like I should force myself to like them because each one only has 40 calories but I’d rather eat carrot sticks. Same shape, better everything.

I also looked up what the deal was with Keith’s, and they’re only open all night on Fridays and Saturdays. Thanks, Keith’s, for including “Open 24 Hours” on your neon sign. I really appreciate it and I’m sure all the hungry late nighters of San Diego do too. Their website says they’re open 24 hours on Wednesdays. What LIES!!