farm snapshot


Just reading some Barbara Kingsolver after a not-so-long, but still tiring, day on the farm. I started this book two days ago, and I am already more than halfway through it. Kingsolver’s discussion of growing her own vegetables, raising her own fowl, making her own cheese (mozzarella!), and foraging for morels and blackberries has been a great complement to my current farming foray. It is also an inspiring read, getting me quite excited about the gardens and self-sufficient (pray tell) vegetable growing endeavors in my future.

Kingsolver’s daughter Camille is one of the book’s co-authors (Kingsolver’s husband Steven, an environmental studies professor, also contributes), providing commentary, seasonal meal plans, and recipes. With her inspiration, I made an “egg in a nest” this morning for breakfast: an egg poached in a bed of sauteed greens. With a sprinkle of salt, a couple grinds of pepper, and a hunk of Armenian flatbread, I had downed my morning fuel. Shout out to whomever was like, “Unfertilized chicken baby? Imma eat me summa dat.”

Other foods to note: candied kumquats, fresh tortillas with sauerkraut (tastes eerily like a hot dog with mustard and kraut, but maybe I just wanted it to), those pickled garlic scapes (still going strong), a gluten-free sourdough starter (almost ready!), and the best plums (and apricots) I have ever eaten.

Other foods-in-progress to note: Started the five day snail cleansing/finishing/flavoring today by throwing the 80 collected dudes in a bucket with cilantro, Mexican tarragon, leaves from a lemon tree, and rosemary. I hope they enjoy the herbs enough so that the flavors come through! Also picked some lemons today to begin the summer’s lemonadefest.


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  1. I feel like you’re a food superhero

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