<3 california

Los Angeles left me well-fed, entertained and sunburned. Culinary highlights were cooking chicken tikka masala with Daniel for his family and watching my friend Adam and his friend Cyrus eat an insane amount of food (i.e., bacon wrapped shrimp, grilled cactus, queso fresco, chorizo) out of a molcajete. After a lovely ride up the Pacific Coast Highway between Santa Monica and Ojai, I am now seated squarely on one of the farm’s outdoor couches after being here for a little over 24 hours. Farm tasks have included use of a wheel hoe,transplanting peppers, eggplant, and sunflowers, and a few other tasks here and there. As expected, fresh vegetables are abound and to my pleasant surprise, there are a ton of fresh oranges to pick off nearby trees. This morning a rooster woke me up, a warm, tree-picked orange provided a nice snack, and my lunch was the following: rice noodles with daikon, carrot, broccoli, beet leaves, and egg.

My first taste of the farm life was better than good, and I am excited to have the farm life and my life become one.


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