colorado’s finest

I returned to Dulles International Airport at 6:15 am and got through security by 6:30. My flight was destined to leave at 8:20, so I settled down for the 1.5 hour wait until boarding time. We boarded the plane and all was well until we got news that a deboarding was necessary, along with a two hour delay. I am 99% positive that I was on the same plane that abandoned me in the airport yesterday. How did United go through a 24-hour period without switching it out? Awful.

Anyway, I spent a portion of the two hour delay searching my iPhone’s internet for suggestions of what to do during a substantial layover in Denver International, and luckily someone on the BeerAdvocate forums pointed me in the direction of the New Belgium Hub. After crossing two moving walkways and stopping briefly in the ladies’ room, I reached the hub in its full glory. I have only ever had Fat Tire and the Mothership Wit, so I tasted the Ranger IPA, the 1554 Black Ale, and the Sunshine Wheat. The Ranger IPA  won.

Blue Paddle Brat and the Ranger IPA at the Denver International Airport

To go with my beer, I ate the Blue Paddle Brat, a bratwurst infused with New Belgium’s Blue Paddle Pilsner and topped with peppers, onions and sauerkraut. I added whole lotta mustard and, paired with the very crispy fries, it was the perfect stomach filler before Tucson bombards me with Mexican food.

After a brief perusal of the menu after I ate, I read the description for the “Lips of Faith” tap. The product is always changing but the brewery often utilizes wild fermentation methods and fruit juice. Sounded like the making of lambic to me, so I asked for a tulip of the current Lips of Faith brew. The bartender wouldn’t give it to me until I tasted it, and babes, it was impossible to discriminate it from a Framboise. Happiness is 8.5% ABV fruity effervescence.


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