Monthly Archives: October 2010

seasonal supper!

I have been doing a lot of cooking with a couple of my freshmen since the beginning of the year. Three of us decided to pick an ingredient every month and cook as many things as we could with that ingredient throughout the month. This month is apples (with butternut/acorn squash on the side). November is going to be pumpkin month; I sense Pumpkin Feta Muffins and Black Bean Pumpkin Soup in my near future.

Anyway, the more exciting part of this seasonal ingredient is that we decided to make it into a Haverford club! We realized that there are cooking and baking skills that either one or the other of us have, and we wanted to create a space where Haverford students could come together around a common ingredient and exchange recipes and kitchen prowess. Sick! A more official Haverford announcement will be released soon, but I am so so so excited. I love teaching people how to cook and I love learning new skills, so, selfishly, the club will be excellent. I hope that the campus gets as excited about it as I am!