99 bottles

Kearny Mesa has this little gem called 99 Ranch. It is a chain of supermarkets that carries anything you could want for Taiwanese/Chinese cuisine, with a smattering of other ingredients and specialties from other Asian countries.

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They have quite the assortment of beverages. Pocari Sweat is such a no frills name for  an electrolyte beverage. Gatorade should take some cues from Japan.

At 99 Ranch, I discovered that I hate bitter melon. I decided to pair my whole soy-marinated mackerel (which was absolutely, fabulously dericious) with a side of garlic string beans and a few pieces of bitter melon salad. I thought, oh heck, I’m here, I might as well try something I’d never before had, right?

Bitter melon is horrible. It starts off okay but then overwhelms your entire mouth with the most chemically bitter flavor I could imagine. Ugh. Thankfully I had that strength of the garlic and the fish to compensate, but it was a rough few minutes there with the bitter melon.


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