the ultimate ‘dilla

After a very Lunt basement-esque concert at Bar Pink, Justin and I went in Colima’s because we could see a unisex bathroom through the neon signs and dirty windows. The smells from the grill managed to waft our way and captivate us to order, but the complicated menu had too many options for a Saturday night crowd. So we had the cashier order for us: shrimp-carne asada quesadilla.

Warm, perfectly greasy, nice balance of meat, rice and cheese. Spicy, though, especially when I was essentially inhaling the housemade salsa and roasted jalapeño peppers. Both so delicious; both so painful. Horchata was ordered to soothe our tongues–a gigantic bucket (or so it seemed) for $1.99.

The next morning, I looked up Colima’s on the Internet. I guess my complete enjoyment of this food was warranted; Yelp ratings averaged between 4 and 5. Next time, I will definitely try the tacos. Four for $2.89!

San Diego, miss you, I shall.


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